Wednesday, October 1, 2008

change the world: put great women in office

Earlier this semester, a nice young man on campus asked me if I'd like more information on Linda Ketner, a woman who is running for Congress in South Carolina's District 1. "Of course!" was my response, naturally. Not only was I already huge fan of Linda (like most hip, politically aware District 1 folks), I found out this summer that I had been selected as a Ketner Women's Leadership Scholar for activist work in women's and LGBT rights. So of course I would support her--how could I not, knowing that she was actually supporting issues that I worked so hard to get out there, and that I still think need to be represented even more with what's going on today. I signed up for the mailing list, agreed to volunteer, and ended up getting an internship with Ketner for Congress. I'm quickly finding out what a great decision that was; it feels great playing a role in electing an incredible woman to office--who will actually do stuff!

I don't really think that anything can be done in Washington without the right people in office, and, looking at current demographics of political officeholders nationwide, the right people aren't there. Lots of old, white men cannot possibly represent the diversity of the United States accurately, and case in point is Linda's opponent, Republican incumbent Henry Brown. Calling himself a "Republican workhorse," Brown actually has a rating of 7 (out of 100) for Congressional effectiveness, and his attendance record is frighteningly low. He's been in Congress since 2000, and, looking at his voting record on everything from the war to environmental issues (not to mention the 20 acres of national forest land that he burned, and followed up with a four-year fight with federal employees that cost the government $100,000), it is clearly time for a change.

And Linda is ready to bring it. Not only is she a dynamic woman who I can see making waves in Congress (she's already made huge ones just getting her name out in Charleston and throughout District 1), she has amazing plans for the economy, education in South Carolina, and alternative energy, just to start. If you look at her issues pages on her website, you'll probably get just as pumped as I am and want to get her all the way to D.C.

But don't take my word for it--watch her tonight! She's debating (and will most likely kick the ass of) Henry Brown tonight at 7pm on ETV for people in South Carolina, or online at, or on C-SPAN.

Watch her, and you'll get what I'm talking about. And, come on, would I really waste my time working for someone who isn't worth it?

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