Thursday, November 19, 2009

blog fantasies

I feel overwhelmed by my without-a-theme blog. I mean, technically, the theme is me (hence the "rachel" part of the title). But that encompasses so many blogging possibilities that I find myself avoiding choosing, and therefore never writing on this thing. So, I decided, I need a theme for my blog.

If I could, I would have a blog with a different subject for each day of the week. Like, gay stuff on Mondays, feminist stuff on Tuesdays, maybe the arts on Friday nights? And a day for crafts. Saturdays could even be brunch-themed. I could even get way more creative than that.

Or maybe I could do a blog about weddings. Gay weddings, in particular, and the ability for "weddings" to keep heteronormative/gender roles so firmly cemented in our cultural consciousness.

Hell, I could fill a whole blog just writing about heteronormativity.

Or a blog about the South. It's quirks, how it's still so different from "the North," what it's like to be a woman/gay/an activist here. How privilege works in the South. I'm fascinated by North-South dichotomies in the U.S.

Oh, and birth order! I would love to do a blog about birth order.

As I write these fantasy blog ideas, I realize that the reason I have a non-thematic blog is so that I can write about anything I want. And look, I have ideas! I can blog! Clearly, this is a very self-serving post. But for those of you who aren't me, think about it as foreshadowing.

Some day I will do these things. Perhaps all of these things. And many other things. Actual things. On my blog. Maybe not while I'm writing my bachelor's essay. Or while I'm supposed to be writing about a billion other papers that I am clearly avoiding right now. But maybe, just maybe, whenever I successfully integrate actual time management skills into my lifestyle, I will be able to maintain my dream (un-themed) blog. Stay tuned.

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Maggie said...

I know exactly what you mean! It took me a while to realize that my blog was supposed to be about me, so I could write about myself and my thoughts without it being too ridiculous.

And you should totally write about weddings. I would comment all up on that s. Weddings are dumb.