Monday, January 4, 2010

southern gothic


Wednesday I leave on a research trip to Jackson, MS, to go to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History to study some of Eudora Welty's letters. She's a Southern writer I really love, and I'm pretty excited about studying her more. Yesterday, I read this lovely review of folk singer Caroline Herring, who I also love, and who is also from Mississippi. The review talks about how her songs tell "Gothic tales of the Modern South," so I thought of Welty's stories, which are among the best of the Southern Gothic. And then I read that Herring's album is called Golden Apples of the Sun, alluding to (uninteresting) a Yeats poem and the myth of Atalanta, as well as (interesting!) one of Welty's most popular short story series, The Golden Apples. Love those Southern connections! Perhaps I will listen to Caroline Herring while I read Eudora Welty on the (10 hour, eek) drive to their homeland.

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