Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the triumphant arrival of fall

It's been far too many days since my last post, but I must say my absence has been well spent.

Fall is here, and that means many wonderful things. Namely, the month of October, which is going very well so far if I might say. Here are some highlights.

--I took a great trip back to Marietta for fall break and visited my family, got to see my sister in her two-time National Champion high school marching band (yeah, I went to Lassiter. Our band is kind of a big deal.), and had delicious homemade food. I also spent a lovely day with my mom, who took the day off of work to do many exciting things like get my hair cut, stock me up on bulk groceries at B.J.'s (always a special trip into Americana), take me to the eye doctor, and plant flowers with me (which made the journey all the way back to Charleston and are now making my porch look absolutely beautiful).

--But before that, I stopped in Athens for an exciting adventure of catch-up with my high school friends, most of whom go to UGA and like football now. We dressed up like Mario Kart characters for a party, went to see Rocky Horror, ate delicious food (thematic of my vacations), watched football, and I even got to go out on the town with some lovely ladies.

--Kaylee came home and she brought me lots of presents from Central America!

--Then she took me to the pumpkin patch and October was officially underway. The pumpkin patch holds a special place in my heart both because it reminds me of fabulous birthday parties I had (because my birthday is so close to Halloween--man, this month really is incredible) and went to at our local patch as a youth, and it is absolutely chock-full of my favorite fall things: pumpkins (duh), scarecrows, hayrides, crisp, sunny weather, and farm animals. Oh, and, on this particular trip, Jay Clifford (not performing, just sighted). Legare Farms on John's Island certainly wasn't any Burt's, but I guess I'll just have to save that for my next trip to north Georgia. And hey, pumpkins are always better than no pumpkins. We carved them tonight and now they are sitting on our mantel in hopes that they do not rot before October 31st.

And, last but not least:

--I will be 21 on Friday.

I promise my next post will be less self-indulgent and more worldly and politically aware.

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Peter Evan DuPuis (the 1st) said...

Why you so slack bout your blog? the world is waiting!