Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm going to miss my best friend.

so, it's holiday time, and for the past eh, four days or so, i've been grossly ill. i haven't been able to kiss anyone, share beverages, or, tragically, make the rounds to say goodbye upon leaving charleston. this is a particular travesty this year, because miss leigh dekle will be leaving me for a prestigious washington, d.c. internship for the entirety of next semester, and while i could not be more happy for her, i am going to miss her ungodly amounts. so, in a weak attempt to make up for my lack of a goodbye, i am going to begin mourning her absence now (in true leigh fashion, i'd like to think) with a celebration in her honor.

i call it: why i love leigh. (besides the fact that she's lovely.)

here exists the first documented picture of leigh and i. as you can tell, we are classy, cute, and lovely people flock to us to be our friends. those are just some of the reasons i love leigh.

i love leigh because she lived in rutledge freshman year and she still managed to become my friend. though she was elusive to us then, she stuck around, and i admired her for doing so. and, all the days when she did show up on our buist hallways were joyful with her appearance!

i also love leigh because she makes a really great beach-going partner. and check out that hot bod! she's a good one to have around.

i also love leigh because she always has something smart to say. we pretty much agree on everything, so obviously all her ideas are right. okay, kidding, but really, she does have really good ideas. and so do i. and we talk about them really, really well.

i love leigh because i am sure we are going to write a book together someday. and it's going to be good.

i love leigh because she is a great traveling partner. she is also a women's and gender studies minor, which i would venture to say, both brought us closer together, and now we can both say we are practicing cultured feminists. look at us being cultured feminists here--all the way in d.c.!
that's us in chinatown. and did you notice our hip fashions? that's another reason why i love leigh. she is, hands-down, the most fashionable person i know. but she is fashionable in an interesting way. colorful. fun to look at. not lame at all. here are some of my favorite leigh outfits. she uses pink so well.

leigh is also a great costumer, which i admire in a friend. she has worn the pink wig, the medusa snakes, the sequins...with utmost creativity, and danced in them so well, to boot. that's another reason why i love leigh. she is definitely my favorite dance partner. she is always dancing, which is a most pleasant aspect of her disposition, and despite her usual lovable clumsiness and general unawareness of her body, she dances with such grace!

i love leigh because she has a great boyfriend, and she cares so much about him, and they are cute to watch together. (they also like to indulge in bruegger's together, so it makes me feel less guilty about doing that with my significant other.)

i love leigh because she watches 60 minutes. and she got me to watch 60 minutes. and now we watch 60 minutes together. also one day we spent an entire saturday afternoon (or was it sunday?) watching romantic comedies, including sleepless in seattle, instead of doing our homework. leigh is great to do things with besides doing homework.

i love leigh because she knows ALL of the political pundits, on msnbc, cnn, AND fox news. she is incredibly politically informed, and i think she would make a good pundit herself, although she is far too sophisticated and fashionable to be one.

and finally, i love leigh because she never judges me for indulging in the sweets. not only that, but they are an integral part of our friendship. and she just gets so excited about them!

exhibits (a and b). pure cake excitement.

so, dear leigh, i am going to miss you a lot while you are away, changing the world and honing your networking skills and increasing your political knowledge. i could go on and on about how great you are, but i'll save the shmoozing for when i next see you in january, when we can properly mourn the loss of each other's presences for the next few months. over cake.

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