Monday, January 19, 2009

back in the game

In an effort to take at least no longer than a month between blog entries, here I am with stream of consciousness and a state of the union of sorts.

In between missing my friends who are currently scattered throughout the country and world, wishing my new apartment had central heat, and trying to spearhead a successful 2009 production of the Vagina Monologues, I've started my second to last semester to college. It's weird saying that, but at the same time it feels right. I met with Alison on Friday to talk bachelor's essay topics, and although it was intimidating of course, it felt good to finally be scratching the surface of this huge undertaking that I've been warned about since applying to the Honors College. Luckily I was reassured that no, I shouldn't have a topic, plan, or really any sort of indication of what I want to write about like I originally thought.

In other news, I am sick of being regarded as a "lady" everywhere I go.  It seems like so many people lately have awkwardly referred to Kaylee and I as "ladies"--obviously for lack of a better word to mask their discomfort in encountering a real, live same sex couple in the painfully heterosexual south. Being in New York over New Year's was really a breath of fresh air as far as not having to be reminded practically every second  spent in public of the pervasive heteronormativity of the world we inhabit. Charleston is great and all, but living here is really putting into perspective how much the geographical location of wherever I end up next really matters to me--if for no other reason than I don't want to feel weird anymore. San Francisco, anyone?

And finally, a very happy MLK and pre-Inauguration Day to all. Both very exciting, because 1) there was a parade today in our neighborhood, which is by far my favorite way to celebrate any holiday, and 2) tomorrow Barack Obama can officially save the world! Well, I mean, probably. Say hi to him for me, Leigh and Sophia!

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