Sunday, March 1, 2009

the flu

This is the last year I don't get a flu shot. I hate shots more than many, many things in the world. It's not like a fear, more of just a general avoid-them-at-all-times tendency. Especially one that could possibly get me a little bit sick now, but for the greater good of me not getting sick later, which probably won't even happen anyway, but just in case. But this year, after having to endure that terrible flu test (and a strep test, that was a throwback), missing four days of classes and literally being confined to my bed for at least two of those days, and feeling the worst I have in a long, long while for the better part of a week, I am making an oath to get a flu shot from now on. I even had to cancel the first part of my spring break trip--of course I had to get deathly ill the week before spring break--but luckily I'll still be able to meet up with my friends in Boston at the end of the week.

Modern medicine, you might have won this time, but don't think this means I'm signing up for regular checkups any time soon.

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