Friday, January 8, 2010

desk dreams

So, it's freezing cold here in Mississippi. And Jackson is, for all intents and purposes, a pretty boring place. (No offense Jackson, but I have seen a lot and haven't really been that impressed. Not that it's really your fault. Although those bellydancers at the Mediterranean place we went for dinner tonight were quite interesting.) But, being in the archives has been infinitely cool to say the least, and it's got me thinking about research. Research=lots of desk work. And in my currently design-obsessed mind, I've been dreaming about desk spaces that are functional, beautiful, would make hours sitting at a desk aesthetically pleasing.

I love, love, love the cool colors in this one.

Ooh, enclave..

This is just nice and lived in. Can't go wrong with natural light.

Real life inspiration: Eudora Welty's desk that I saw when I visited her house yesterday! Lovely view, huge windows, beautiful typewriter. It's actually in her bedroom, which goes against all those rules about keeping work away from where you sleep, and makes me feel better about me having my desk in my room. Clearly there will also be Pulitzers in my future.


Leigh said...

this post made me smile! and i know that's cheesy, but i love cheese.

hannah said...

you love design, too?! WE ARE SISTERS! those desks are darling!!